A fantasy and sci-fi obsessing, video game loving, D&D playing, friend of canon. Most likely just a bunch of cats in a costume.

Ginger Oh Snap is a costumer, streamer, and burlesque performer based in Nashville, TN. She discovered cosplay in high school when she landed her first gig as a fairy with a local Renaissance faire, having already spent most of her life in costume while pursuing theatrical and dance-related endeavors and after a lifetime of approaching Hallowe’en with an enthusiasm and fervor feared by her family and friends.

Ginger has been sewing her own clothes and costumes since the age of 7, thanks to a very crafty aunt and a little Singer sewing machine with 4 stitch settings. Since then, she’s upgraded to a much fancier (and often less cooperative) machine, a serger, and a whole workshop full of fun gadgets and gear. Ginger still specializes in textiles, but also enjoys creating armor and props from thermoplastics, creating and styling wigs, and weathering things within an inch of their life.

Over the years, Ginger has grown a successful business in the cosplay community, creating custom costumes, props, and adorable geeky things that are available for purchase online and at conventions, Her intricate and accurate costumes have won both awards and acclaim (for herself and customers), and she has been invited to appear as a Guest, Panelist, Judge, Performer and Host to conventions and events all across the country.

In 2016, Ginger made the leap from classically trained contemporary dancer to professional geeky (mostly) naked lady, when she performed in her first nerdlesque showcase at Imaginarium Con. Mostly, as much as she loves wearing costumes, she also really loves taking them off. It was a natural progression, really.

In 2017, Ginger’s mind officially exploded when she was selected by DragonCon in Atlanta, GA to appear as ‘Mary Jane Watson’ next to Stan Lee in their cosplay parade.

DragonCon 2017 Parade Ginger with Stan Lee

tl;dr Big ole nerd. Makes stuff. Wears stuff. Sells stuff. Showgirl. Loves cats, potatoes, and Dr. Pepper.