Stripped Crusaders – at the NOLA Nerdlesque Fest

Join the NOLA Nerdlesque Festival at the Contemporary Arts Center on Nov 16th at 8pm!

Doing good is hard work, so these heroes are cutting loose and stripping off the spandex. Featuring an amazingly talented cast from all across the country as your favorite cartoon, comic, and video game heroes. Let’s be honest, a lot of heroes are just in it for the attention.

Stripped Crusaders features the talents of:

Loretta Dean – New Orleans, LA
Madasin Bordeaux – Austin, TX
Dickie Smalls – NY & LA
Ginger Oh Snap – Nashville, TN
Nick T’Vegan – Houston, TX
Ivizia Dakini – Las Vegas, NV
Twen Peeks – Bartlett, TN
Lefty Lucy – New Orleans, LA
Ash Wednesday, New Orleans, LA
Fritz Krieg – Atlanta, GA
Lookie LuLu – Oakland, CA

FEATURED: May Hemmer – Greenboro, NC