Welcome to the first ever collaborative production from Nashburley and Hub of Love! CREAM is a sweet, sticky, delectable burlesque celebration of the Purple One himself. We will be dancing deep and wide through the musical catalog, bumping and grinding our way through music that was the soundtrack to so many of our lives. Please, put on your assless lace pants, and join us and our amazing cast for a show that is literally years in the making.

Audrey Moon
Back2Black Burlesque
Bex Revenge
Deanna Danger
Eva Vavoom
Ginger Oh Snap
Kim Bustible
Kinetic Kristen
Marie Merlot
Schatzi Love
The Nashburley Babes

With kittens Lavender Tart and Zinnia DiCarlo
Emcees Lacey Kraken and Deanna Danger